Reusable Self-absorbent Dog Diapers

DogQuality.com announces the launch of its eco-friendly washable dog diapers to help cope with the problems of dog incontinence. This new line of washable dog diapers, called the Washable Wonders™ represents the latest in diaper innovation incorporating many of the best designs from the baby diaper world … previously unavailable for dogs.

But more than that, DogQuality.com are doing a great job looking after the senior canine market. Our companions don’t jog, swim, chase balls and frisbees for their entire life but with a little bit of extra care they can have a number of enjoyable years beyond their madly active life-phase.

Being the caregiver for a senior (16-year-old) dog who has kidney failure and bladder cancer I feel it won’t be long before I’m having to place an order here. Right now, she doesn’t leak but who knows what the future may hold! ~  Editor.

Visit DogQuality.com for more senior dog products.

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5 Comments for “Reusable Self-absorbent Dog Diapers”

  1. I have a Pug that is 13 and urinates on herself (and my bed at night) while she’s asleep. We have tried many varieties of doggie diaper but Pug’s have such and odd fit, they come right off within one minute.
    Do you think this particular one will stay on a Pug?

  2. [...] chest dog like a bulldog or Pug makes it a little tricky but maybe for a Lab it'll be fine. Reusable Self-absorbent Dog Diapers | dogco.com They sell a COVER that you can put over whatever it is you rig up like little kids wear. If [...]

  3. Where can you buy these?

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