Hubley Cast Iron Dogs

10-inch Hubley Boston Terrier Door Stop.

10-inch Hubley Boston Terrier Door Stop.

HUBLEY DOGS ARE SOME of the most adorable, most cherished antiques and collectibles in the world.

Hubley has captured nearly every major breed of dog in different poses and positions, gaining popularity with antique as well as dog fanciers the world over.

The company paid attention to detail, making these beautiful door stops, bookends and mechanical money banks among some of the most well sought collectibles around. These antiques and collectibles are hot property and highly prized.

14-inch Hubley Cast Iron German Shepherd Dog door stop.

14-inch Hubley Cast Iron German Shepherd Dog door stop.

The hunter will find his beloved assistant and pet immortalized in a set of Pointer dog bookends; or the noble German shepherd, a great protector and friend to his owner. The cast iron terriers are just as adorable in iron as they are in the flesh, as is the loyal Collie, friend to all who treats it well.

Hubley must have loved dogs, all dogs, very much, to recreate them so well for the world to collect and enjoy.

Hubley's Bucki Dog paperweight

Hubley's Bucki Dog paperweight.

The Hubley name is synonymous with cast iron door stops which enjoyed their height of popularity from 1910 through to 1940. They have the Victorians to thank for raising the doorstop to a decorative high point. In the mid 19th century manufacturers began making cast iron door stops into beautiful works of art.

Hubley dogs are enjoying a newfound status today not only with door stop collectors but with cross over collectors too. Dogs were a common theme and this is one of a number of collecting categories helping raise the profile of the humble cast iron door stop.

Hubley Cast Iron Cocker Spaniel Dog Paperweight.

Hubley Cast Iron Cocker Spaniel Dog Paperweight.

Casting a Hubley dog is a simple enough process. A three dimensional plug was first carved from wood, or constructed from metal. The plug was then pressed into compacted sand to create the mould. Molten iron was then poured into the mould and after it had cooled, the form was removed for finishing.

Rough edges were filed and surfaces prepared for painting. Painters provided the primary base coat and the casting was then finished by colorists who brought the object to life by highlighting important features.

Hubley Pointing Setter Dog Paperweight.

Hubley Pointing Setter Dog Paperweight.

It is difficult to determine a date of manufacture for the likes of a Hubley door stop as themes such as dogs remained popular for decades. Instead collectors focus more on rarity, condition and originality.

Commonly doorstops ranged in height from 6 to 14 inches, weighing up to eight pounds. Cost cutting reduced the weight over the years and this can be one way for collectors to determine an approximate production date — lighter means later!

The best care of a Hubley (or any cast iron) Dog is to wipe it down frequently with a soft polishing cloth, making sure to get deep into the grooves. Use a cotton swab dampened slightly in baby oil to help remove dirt and dust from grooves and those hard to reach areas, making sure to dry it off completely. Proper care of the piece will ensure your enjoyment of it for years to come, as well as keep it in mint condition.

A properly cleaned and well dried Hubley Dog will store well and last a lifetime … or more!

Buy Hubley Cast Iron Dog Collectibles

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11 Comments for “Hubley Cast Iron Dogs”

  1. I’m lookng for information on how to identify Hubley cast iron animals. Can anyone tell me what to look for specifically?

  2. Hi there. This website is one of the originals on the internet for doorstops … the info here on identifying fakes will help you with any Hubley cast iron animal:

    Cheers, Erin

  3. Where on Hubley’s works is the identification? I have a terrier doorstop that belonged to my husbands grandmother, who died in the early 1900′s. The doorstop was not purchased as something collectible, but as a practical item to use holding back a door.

  4. I’ve got two small dogs, cast iron, that I know nothing about. Initial research landed me here. The dogs are too small to be the Hubley door stops I see referred to everywhere, but they may be the correct size as paperweights. Is there an expert anywhere who can tell me EXACTLY what I have if I supply a photo?

  5. believe i have a hubley boston terrier doorstop-has two slotted bolts holding it together-fairly smooth to the touch-boston terrier is about 10 inches, has a painted on red collar and what appears to be a “blanket” or towel draped across the dog’s back with red trim paint-have seen many dogs but not one with a drape/towel across the back please would like to sell please respond jeaingram@yahoo.com

  6. World Series Ring Boston for sale.

  7. We are auctioning off our cast iron dog collection May 7 – SE Pennsylvania. 225+ pieces – many Hubleys, some valuable. Check http://www.auctionzip.com/Listings/2068669.html for pictures coming up.

  8. Hello, I have a German Shepheard cast iron door stop (13″ long) which appears to be almost identical to Hubleys I see on the web except, as part of the casting it has a collar and a 1/4″ eye hole on collar. I can find no identification on the inside. I know that it’s not a modern reproduction because has been in family for over 70 years. Any comment would be very welcomed. Thank you. Peter

  9. I have a couple of large dogs (a Boston terrier and a retriever), the mirror image of the Hubley cast iron dogs…only they are solid brass. I played with them as a child at my grandparent’s home. I have never seen anything like them. Any info would be much appreciated.

  10. I have a cast iron black dog. It’s 5 1/2 tall and 8 1/2 long. One solid piece. All black also. Very heavy. Any info would be appreciated!! Thank you

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