George Studdy’s Bonzo Dog Collectibles

Bonzo with his box of candy as illustrated on a birthday card.

Bonzo with his box of candy as illustrated on a birthday card.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING for a wonderful collectible with real staying power, consider Bonzo dog collectibles. Bonzo dog collectibles stretch across a swath of categories, so there’s something to delight every collector’s fancy.

Bonzo, an adorable mutt, was created by artist George Studdy and began his quest for world fame back in 1922. A pudgy little pup with huge ears, one black and one white, and a stubby little tail, Bonzo has captured the world through his hilarious adventures in films and on post cards.

Ceramic whisky bottle with Bonzo sampling the best!

Ceramic whisky bottle with Bonzo sampling the best!

Perhaps that is the key to Bonzo dog collectibles — humor. Whether enjoying the last dregs from his master’s whiskey glass, or eyeing a pretty girl, we can all somehow relate to Bonzo’s human-like emotions and laugh at the peccadillos he manages to get himself into.

The variety of Bonzo dog collectibles is another factor that makes them so strongly desirable even today. Do you collect China figures? Bonzo dog collectibles include many lively China figures of this mischievous pup. How about antique games and puzzles? Bonzo dog collectibles include numerous sets of puzzles numbered in the order of their appearance for sale.

Lejeune Bonzo dog car hood ornament.

Lejeune Bonzo dog car hood ornament.

Vintage advertisements have long been a staple in the collectibles industry, and Bonzo dog collectibles can be found in this category too. Bonzo has done his share to help sell everything from pickles to tobacco, to soap and candy. There is even a Bonzo dog collectible hood mascot that once adorned the world’s automobiles.

Rare 1920s wooden Bonzo by Schoenhut.

Rare 1920s wooden Bonzo by Schoenhut.

Children’s books hold a special place in the hearts of many collectors, and here we see the presence of Bonzo dog collectibles yet again. Bonzo’s adventures appeared in English, French and German versions.

Perhaps some of the most fertile Bonzo dog collectibles are the more than 500 designs of postcards George Studdy created of Bonzo through the years.

Bonzo even helped create another collectible pal; Ooloo the cat. This character looks suspiciously like his predecessor Bonzo, dressed in black fur and a cat tail, and became George Studdy’s new star as Bonzo was retired before he wore out his welcome.

Undoubtedly though, the crowning jewels of Bonzo dog collectibles are the 26 films produced from 1924 through 1925. Each of these 10-minute animated vignettes catalog another humorous, if silly, adventure of everyone’s favourite pup, and were widely popular around the world.

Bonzo and Ooloo ... the cat inspired by the dog.

Bonzo and Ooloo ... the cat inspired by the dog.

And that world popularity continues today. Bonzo dog collectibles are traded all over the world. Just a brief look at eBay, the dominate world auction site, reveals over seven pages of Bonzo dog collectibles most with multiple bids as they near auction’s end. Healthy eBay activity is a very good indicator of the popularity of any item, and Bonzo dog collectibles are no exception.

Bonzo dog collectibles offer unlimited potential for collectors in many categories. No matter what floats your collecting fancy, there is a Bonzo dog collectible piece waiting to tempt you with its humorous and stylish animation.

Bonzo was the world’s favorite pup for a generation, and his popularity lasts till this day through Bonzo dog collectibles. Take the Bonzo challenge, and see if looking at just a few Bonzo dog collectible items doesn’t make you fall in love with him too!

Bonzo Collectibles

A fabulous variety of authentic vintage Bonzo Dog collectibles are available to be purchased here.

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10 Comments for “George Studdy’s Bonzo Dog Collectibles”

  1. I have a 16 mm cartoon film of “Bonzo The Pup”–”Dog Gone” going to Ebay. It is #28 and other numbers on the box are 35V2532 (#28). It is in very good + to excellent shape. It is in the original box which is purple and it is a “STAR SAFETY FILM INC.”/SCREEN ATTRACTIONS CORP. PRESENTS-BONZO THE PUP in DOG GONE.

  2. I love this site! We just produced an infographic about iconic dogs in the media that we thought would perform well on your site: http://www.pawdigs.com/buzz/infographics/iconic-dogs-in-the-media/

    Would you be willing to post it to your blog and let us know what you think?

  3. I came across a pair of Bonzo dogs in green ceramin with brown eyes that are running – looks like Alice Cooper! of the Bonzo dog world. I think they are Art Deco, but look really strange because of the eyes. They appear to have a painted ‘K’ letter on the base.
    Any ideas on who the maker is?

  4. I don’t know how to post a pic. Let’s know. I think they look like Crown Devon ones, overpainted if that makes sense.

  5. Been trawling the web & this is what I have two of. Thought they were an overpaint because of the eyes but seems not.

    Do you think they are Bonzo?


  6. They certainly look like Bonzo to me. I’m not sure on value as I’m not an expert on this. Have you had a look around the completed auctions on ebay?

  7. Hello Carrie
    I have several of these and the value ranges fro £15 to £25.
    Over the years I have come across several different Bonzo ceramics, I can provide pictures if anybody is interested.

  8. Hey! I wonder if anyone knows anything about this Bonzo paperweight that is made of wood and stands on a base of lead. Have not seen the same when I searched the internet (only one similar made of rubber).


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