Dog Tobacciana – Man And Collector’s Best Friend


Scottie cigars tin

You'd be forgiven for presuming a Scottish terrier would be advertising the Scottie Cigars on this vintage tin.

DOG TOBACCIANA, OR TOBACCO RELATED items featuring dogs, or simply “smoking collectibles” bring together two highly desirable collecting groups.

Tobacciana have long been treasured staples of the collectibles market and show no signs of weakening today.

Ash trays, lighters, and spittoons are highly collectible items in the tobacciana category, as well as vintage chewing tobacco tins and sales posters, but the current star of tobacciana collectibles is the humble cigar box. One look at the auction sites confirms that cigar box items have traded in record numbers.

Antique figural Dachshund dog cigarette lighter, made in Austria.

Antique figural Dachshund dog cigarette lighter, made in Austria.

And as smoking’s fall from favor gains velocity the scarcity of smoking-related items will make itself apparent. This loss of popularity and general public acceptance will also guarantee additional appeal for smoking collectibles due to their almost illicit nature.

Hermes ashtray

Authentic Hermes ashtray featuring English Pointer hunting dog and two guns.

Tightening the tobacciana niche to dog tobacciana gives us a vibrant market that is still affordable for most collectors. Some fine examples of dog tobacciana are dog breed ash trays. These collectible pieces usually feature a picture of a particular dog breed painted on porcelain or glass. Even more desirable are the bronze sculpted ash trays that feature full figurines of specific dog breeds.

Vintage porcelain figural tobacco jar of a Bulldog with a cigar.

Vintage porcelain figural tobacco jar of a Bulldog with a cigar.

Vintage cast iron dog cigarette lighters are also much sought after dog tobacciana, and rare finds these days.  They are prized for their painted features, and one with the finish still in prime condition will bring a premium sum on the collector’s market.

Match holders were once very popular in the days before pocket lighters came into fashion, and yes, there are wonderful pieces of dog tobacciana to be found in this branch of collectibles as well. One specific charming piece that comes to mind features a pup next to his dog house, which actually hold the matches.

BullDog Vertical Pocket smoking tobacco tin.

BullDog Vertical Pocket smoking tobacco tin.

There is a current trend in dog tobacciana collectibles that crosses several genres, while adding a modern twist. Cigar box purses have been a hot fashion trend for the last few years.

English Setter or Munsterlander cigarette case

Antique silver and enamel cigarette case made in Germany featuring and English Setter or Munsterlander type dog.

Old cigar boxes are lined with fabric and embellished with handles and trendy designs. And wouldn’t you guess cigar box purses with dog breed designs are one of the fastest sellers at on-line auctions. Both cigar boxes and cigar label art are collectible pieces and many books have been published on this subject.

Time has shown that an investment in dog smoking collectibles is a sound one, and one that will remain strong in coming years.


You can browse through an enormous range of authentic “smoking dogs” collectibles available for sale here.

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  1. I have an old antique Austrin cigarette or tabacco box made of lead & lined with wood with a very vicious dog tied to a tree stump. I cant seem to find info on it any place can someone help in this matter? I will post you some pictures if you like or maybe I can put pictures here on this website I dont know?

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