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Vintage Dog Cookie Jars – Finding the Real McCoy

Dog cookie jars

  THERE ARE A NUMBER of reasons cookie jars make such popular large collectibles. Not only do they brighten up a kitchen or display, but they are functional and affordable. The cookie jar is a successor to the British Biscuit tin. They come in the most enormous range of size, colour, design and materials. Naturally [...]

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Halloween Dogs


WHEN IT COMES TO antique Halloween postcards the cat is the animal that really holds the limelight (for obvious reasons). However, look around and you will discover a few dogs being pursued, harassed and troubled by Jack-o’-lanterns, witches and the ubiquitous black cat. It is most probable that the earliest exploitation of Halloween in American [...]

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George Studdy’s Bonzo Dog Collectibles

Bonzo the dog collectibles

IF YOU ARE LOOKING for a wonderful collectible with real staying power, consider Bonzo dog collectibles. Bonzo dog collectibles stretch across a swath of categories, so there’s something to delight every collector’s fancy. Bonzo, an adorable mutt, was created by artist George Studdy and began his quest for world fame back in 1922. A pudgy [...]

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Introduction to Dog Licensing and Dog Tags

antique dog registration tag

Anubis was the leading funerary deity in Egypt, it being his duty to guard cemeteries and preside over the business of embalming. EARLY DOG LAWS Dogs were domesticated early, probably around 12,000 years ago, so it is not surprising that some of the earliest recorded laws dealt with their relationship with man. The Egyptians had [...]

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In The Dog Cart

In the Dog Cart

“If they’re NOT ponies, then how come they’re hitched to a cart? … and they whinny!” whine. Many antique and vintage dog photographs come up for sale here.

September 15th, 2010 | Posted in Dog Of The Day,Dog Photos,Vintage Dogs | Read More »

Don’t Let Him Escape


Hey … I’m a border collie, OK, not the elephant you thought you owned when you rigged up this anchor and chain tethering arrangement. I’m just sayin’ … Many antique and vintage dog photographs come up for sale here.

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Collecting Dog Memorabilia

Vienna Bronze dachshund dog dressed as a clown.

LIKE ALL PEOPLE passionate about their hobby, many dog lovers are voracious collectors of anything “dog” and more particularly any object with relevance to the breed they fancy. Whether they are interested in books, trophies, antiques, paintings, ephemera, figurines, porcelain, plates, stuffed toys, postcards and photos, needlework … all are fair collectible game with purchases [...]

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Buster Brown and Tige


ALONG WITH HIS dog, Tige, Buster Brown started life as a comic strip character created by the great R. F. Outcault. The strip appeared from 1902 through to 1926 and Outcault died in 1928. In 1904 Outcault travelled to the St Louis World’s Fair where he set up a booth and sold up to 200 [...]

September 9th, 2010 | Posted in Artists & Illustrators,Vintage Dogs | Read More »

The Poodle and the Bear


One of the great things about collecting antique dog postcards is finding sets, particularly when you have the dog set-up in an unusual manner. It is a real thrill, coming across other images from the same weird or bizarre photo shoot. I have discovered the images in this article over the past two years. The [...]

September 9th, 2010 | Posted in Poodle,Postcards & Paper,Vintage Dogs | Read More »

Dishy Vintage Dog Towels

monarch socttie

  A RECENT PICNIC TEA with an old dog breeding friend brought back some childhood memories of standing at the sink bench with my mother, carefully drying dishes. On this occasion my friend had brought along delicious scones, plump with fruit sitting in a basket draped in a cleverly cross-stitched tea towel. Depicted on the [...]

September 5th, 2010 | Posted in Dig This News,Kitchenalia,Pup Style,Vintage Dogs | Read More »

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