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Collecting Dog Memorabilia

Vienna Bronze dachshund dog dressed as a clown.

LIKE ALL PEOPLE passionate about their hobby, many dog lovers are voracious collectors of anything “dog” and more particularly any object with relevance to the breed they fancy. Whether they are interested in books, trophies, antiques, paintings, ephemera, figurines, porcelain, plates, stuffed toys, postcards and photos, needlework … all are fair collectible game with purchases [...]

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Picture the Dog – Antique Dog Photographs

Dog pushing pram photo

I CLEARLY REMEMBER the first old photograph of a dog that captured my heart and sparked my dog picture collecting interest.  It was a real photo postcard (RPPC) of a dog so similar to a dog of my own I was astounded. It was as if Ed (my dog) had a secret life! The photo [...]

September 13th, 2010 | Posted in Dog Photos,Featured Dogs,Postcards & Paper | Read More »

Buster Brown and Tige


ALONG WITH HIS dog, Tige, Buster Brown started life as a comic strip character created by the great R. F. Outcault. The strip appeared from 1902 through to 1926 and Outcault died in 1928. In 1904 Outcault travelled to the St Louis World’s Fair where he set up a booth and sold up to 200 [...]

September 9th, 2010 | Posted in Artists & Illustrators,Vintage Dogs | Read More »

Pupcakes for Dogs


Puppy Cake owner Kelly Chaney wondered why cake mix should be a people-only product. After a bit of pondering, she decided that it shouldn’t. That was the beginning of ‘Puppy Cake’ cake mixes for dogs. The cake mixes are made of all natural, human-grade ingredients including whole wheat flour, banana, carob powder, honey powder, salt, [...]

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Deuce, Dog!


The ultimate bed for the ball-mad dog in your pack has been created by the clever people at HughHayden.com.   The HEX tennis dog bed is suitable for smaller breeds like the Boston terrier, dachshund or pug … anything up to about 25lbs. Your ball maniac dog will be the envy of the dog park.

September 9th, 2010 | Posted in New Dog Products,Pup Style | Read More »

The Poodle and the Bear


One of the great things about collecting antique dog postcards is finding sets, particularly when you have the dog set-up in an unusual manner. It is a real thrill, coming across other images from the same weird or bizarre photo shoot. I have discovered the images in this article over the past two years. The [...]

September 9th, 2010 | Posted in Poodle,Postcards & Paper,Vintage Dogs | Read More »

Louis Wain the man who drew … DOGS!


WITHOUT A DOUBT LOUIS WAIN was one of England’s most visible artists to straddle the Victorian-Edwardian era. His anthropomorphic cats gaily strolled about the countryside, played golf and took their lessons with scholarly aplomb, but fans are often not aware that Wain had intended to make his living from drawing dogs. Indeed some of Wain’s [...]

September 6th, 2010 | Posted in Artists & Illustrators,Postcards & Paper | Read More »

Bambu Hammock for Lucky Dogs

Relief from the exhausting life as a model comes by way of a Bambu Hammock from Pet Lounge Studios.

Your little darlin’ will be laid-back and chillin’ on the Scandanavian-inspired Bambu Loungers and Hammocks from Corey Drew of Pet Lounge Studios. This is a company devoted to bringing eco-chic style to the pet industry … and both the environment and your pets will thank you. Discover more from this clever designer at Pet Lounge [...]

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Hot and Cold Pet Therapy Jacket


The Pet Therapy Jacket design enables pets to benefit from the healing properties of hot or cold therapy wherever it’s needed. This easy-on jacket has two closure straps and uses a Velcro®-type system to secure a separate attachment strap anywhere on the jacket to wrap around a pet’s target areas. The 100% all-natural and pesticide-free [...]

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Dishy Vintage Dog Towels

monarch socttie

  A RECENT PICNIC TEA with an old dog breeding friend brought back some childhood memories of standing at the sink bench with my mother, carefully drying dishes. On this occasion my friend had brought along delicious scones, plump with fruit sitting in a basket draped in a cleverly cross-stitched tea towel. Depicted on the [...]

September 5th, 2010 | Posted in Dig This News,Kitchenalia,Pup Style,Vintage Dogs | Read More »

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