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Diana Thorne, Canine Artist Part I


  DIANA THORNE WAS born Ann Woursell on October 7, 1895 in Odessa, Russia though it is widely reported she was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The oldest child in a family of four girls and two boys, Thorne was raised on a farm near Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She started drawing dogs as a young child [...]

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Night Vision Squirrel Goggles

Archibald models the new Night Vision Squirrel glasses

I’ve known for years that squirrels are nocturnal. Of course, one needs to wear ones special Night Vision Goggles to see them. I’ve often seen aliens … and the chap who turns up to visit the Mortimers at number 29. That chap has the most rotten timing, always arriving 15-minutes AFTER Mr Mortimer has left for his night-shift at the mill [...]

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Introduction to Dog Licensing and Dog Tags

antique dog registration tag

Anubis was the leading funerary deity in Egypt, it being his duty to guard cemeteries and preside over the business of embalming. EARLY DOG LAWS Dogs were domesticated early, probably around 12,000 years ago, so it is not surprising that some of the earliest recorded laws dealt with their relationship with man. The Egyptians had [...]

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In The Dog Cart

In the Dog Cart

“If they’re NOT ponies, then how come they’re hitched to a cart? … and they whinny!” whine. Many antique and vintage dog photographs come up for sale here.

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Reusable Self-absorbent Dog Diapers


DogQuality.com announces the launch of its eco-friendly washable dog diapers to help cope with the problems of dog incontinence. This new line of washable dog diapers, called the Washable Wonders™ represents the latest in diaper innovation incorporating many of the best designs from the baby diaper world … previously unavailable for dogs. But more than [...]

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The Legend of Nipper, the RCA Dog

Nipper HMV dog

THE IMAGE OF THE adorable little pup sitting next to a phonograph with his head cocked to the side is etched into all of our minds. Born in Bristol, England in 1884, the inquisitive little puppy named Nipper has become an icon for the music industry. A mutt mix of Bull Terrier and Fox Terrier, [...]

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Don’t Let Him Escape


Hey … I’m a border collie, OK, not the elephant you thought you owned when you rigged up this anchor and chain tethering arrangement. I’m just sayin’ … Many antique and vintage dog photographs come up for sale here.

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Collecting Dog Memorabilia

Vienna Bronze dachshund dog dressed as a clown.

LIKE ALL PEOPLE passionate about their hobby, many dog lovers are voracious collectors of anything “dog” and more particularly any object with relevance to the breed they fancy. Whether they are interested in books, trophies, antiques, paintings, ephemera, figurines, porcelain, plates, stuffed toys, postcards and photos, needlework … all are fair collectible game with purchases [...]

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Picture the Dog – Antique Dog Photographs

Dog pushing pram photo

I CLEARLY REMEMBER the first old photograph of a dog that captured my heart and sparked my dog picture collecting interest.  It was a real photo postcard (RPPC) of a dog so similar to a dog of my own I was astounded. It was as if Ed (my dog) had a secret life! The photo [...]

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Buster Brown and Tige


ALONG WITH HIS dog, Tige, Buster Brown started life as a comic strip character created by the great R. F. Outcault. The strip appeared from 1902 through to 1926 and Outcault died in 1928. In 1904 Outcault travelled to the St Louis World’s Fair where he set up a booth and sold up to 200 [...]

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